30 Percent Of NC Residents Are Obese

obese adult nc weight studyAccording to a new study that was just released, 30 percent of NC residents are obese.  Does this surprise me?  No.  I see it everyday when I’m out in the community.  I used to be one of them.  I’m happy to say, I’m not one of the 30 percent of NC residents that is obese.  Along with a 30 percent obese  amount, hypertension among adults in NC is at 30 percent.  Adult inactivity is 26 percent of the NC population.

The obesity rate among children is also scary for me, as a parent.  It’s almost at 19 percent of children in NC.  I would love to see this lower.  The only reason a child should be overweight is if the child has a medical condition that will lead to that.  There are medications that will cause weight gain for children.  In that case, a parent could be doing everything to help ensure that a child is at a healthy weight, but they are fighting against the effects of a medication the child is taking.

Children shouldn’t have to worry about their weight.  That should be up to the parent.  If a parent is making sure that his or her child is eating healthy and being active, then there shouldn’t be any concern.  Children should be taught to eat properly, from a long-term healthy eating stand point.  Children need to know what is good for them to eat, and what isn’t.  They should be taught to balance proportions from all of the food groups.

One of the biggest problems in our society is eating out.  Children love to eat out at places like McDonald’s and Burger King.  I know mine does.  As an occasional treat, that is fine.  There are also healthy items available to have in the kid’s meals.  Unfortunately, there are some parents that make this an everyday occurrence.  Sometimes twice a day.  It really makes me sad.