Get To Know How Hard It Is To Eat Good In My House

This is a blog carnival from MomDot.  It’s actually called Get to know how badly I eat, but I try not to eat badly.  It’s hard.  I’m going to show you why.

Inside is a big chocolate cake a friend of my husband’s made him for his birthday.

My healthy cole slaw with no dressing.

Above my cole slaw is my daughter’s favorite snack, celery with a lot of peanut butter and cheese.(I can do without the cheese, but that peanut butter looks good.

Tuna Helper. Love it, can’t eat it.

One box of healthy cereal, next to my favorite sugar cereals I can’t eat.

Nice, healthy food.

With not so healthy food on the shelf above it.

My freezer is about the same.  Healthy and not so healthy foods.  I have some fresh produce in my refrigerator drawers.  It’s hard to eat healthy when your family doesn’t want to.  But, I do manage to get them to eat more vegetables and leaner meats.