Jordan Knight Interview and Video at Old Navy Funnovation

Yesterday was an exciting day for me and my family.  We attended the Old Navy Funnovation nation party in Wilmington, NC.  The party was for the Boys and Girls Club, one of 4 winners to get a check for $10,000.  I attended the party with my family, and covered it for both of my blogs.  When you are done reading this article, head over to my AutismLearningFelt blog to read about how my son reacted to all of the excitement and noise.  Also, I have a different Jordan Knight rehearsal video posted, as well as more from my interview with Jordan Knight.

I arrived 45 minutes early, and was able to get in ahead of the waiting crowd.  Yes, there was already a crowd of people waiting to get in.  I walked around and took pictures of everything set up for the party, as well as some of the volunteers working at the Old Navy Funnovation  nation party. It was cool out, when I arrived with my family, and it was sprinkling a little.  I was afraid that we would end up getting rained out.  We didn’t.  By the time the party started, the sun was out, and it was hot.

After I had walked around for a little bit, I was surprised by Jordan Knight coming out on stage.  He was with his backup dancers, and they were doing a sound check and rehearsal.  It was awesome!  I was able to get some great videos of the rehearsal, featuring Jordan Knight’s song “Let’s Go Higher.”

Shortly after Jordan Knight left the stage, and retreated into hiding, the party started.  People ran to get inside.  A group of Jordan Knight fans made a bee-line straight for the stage, and there they stayed.  From the time that the party started, until Jordan knight performed, they stayed put.  Others headed for the swag trailer, where Old Navy was handing out free merchandise to those that attended.  There was also free food, drinks, and ice cream for all.  I really appreciated the free drinks, since it ended up being extremely hot out there.  I would have liked extra chairs to have been available.  In the shade.  Or sprinklers set up around the area to cool you off.  I felt like a wilted flower by the time I went inside to interview Jordan Knight.

My interview was great!  I didn’t have to ask that many questions, because Jordan had done an interview onstage earlier.

One of the things that Jordan and I talked about was how he stayed so fit and healthy.  Jordan Knight is absolutely gorgeous.  He always has been.  I knew that my readers would want to know how he did it.  I know that I did.  Jordan said that he “Doesn’t smoke or drink” and ” I just try to eat well.”  He also works out regularly.  Jordan goes on to say that, “It’s important to me to stay healthy and fit, because of what I do…It’s my job to actually be fit, to be able to dance.”  I commented that it takes a lot of stamina to be up on stage and perform.  Jordan agreed, “I have to make sure I don’t mess that up.”  During the interview, Jordan attributes being able to be healthy and fit to motivation.  He has the best motivation, being able to do what he loves, performing on stage, keeps him motivated to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis.

After the interview, I left.  My family was so great, but it was so hot.  My son was having problems with the noise.  I could tell his ears were bothering him.  I’ve posted all about that over on AutismLearningFelt.  Head on over there and read more about Jordan Knight, Old Navy Funnovation, and my family.