I Love My Slim Calm Sexy Diet Book

I’ve been following the Slim Calm Sexy Diet plan for 5 days now, and I love it.  Yesterday, I noticed that I have not had any food cravings lately.  Usually, I have a hard time with my food cravings.  I would crave pizza or chips, and it was so hard to ignore them.  I have not craved anything since starting this diet.

Before, when I was making up my own meals, everything was kinda plain.  I was also eating the same things all of the time.  With Slim Calm Sexy Diet, I am following the menus in the book, and it’s diverse and flavorful.  I’ve been introduced to new foods and meals that make eating healthy a real pleasure.

I have had a little problem the last couple of days.  The evening meal has been filling me up before I can finish it.  I eat my Happy Hour snack 30 minutes before my meal, and then my salad and my meal.  My tummy can’t handle all of that.  It’s too much food.  Also, when I eat one of the yogurt meals in the morning or as a snack, I can’t finish it.  The Greek yogurt is so rich and filling, that I end up only eating half of it.

What have been my favorite meals and snacks?  I love the vegetable soup.  It’s so full of flavor.  I use diced tomatoes with chili peppers in it.  It gives it a nice kick.  The broth ends up being filled with flavor and I drink every last drop after the vegetables are all gone.  Even my husband likes it. (except for the carrots.  He doesn’t like cooked carrots).  I also love Portobello mushrooms.  I had never had one before, and was so surprised how good they taste.  I love the shakes for breakfast, even though I have a hard time drinking a whole one.

I’ve lost 5 pounds in 5 days.  I’m sure that next week my body will get used to this change in diet, and my weight loss will slow down.  I’m also liking the reaction from my family to the foods that I am eating. My daughter has been asking for me to make her meals from the book.  My husband has been sampling my meals, and he’s been incorporating more healthy foods into his meals.  Last night, he asked me to start making him healthy snacks to take to work.  Yeah!  That’s an awesome breakthrough for him.

There’s also been one other benefit to this book.  I take it with my when I take my daughter to her swimming lessons.  Two of the moms there saw me reading the book, and started asking me questions about it.  Turns out, they are really into healthy eating.  I let them look through the book, and they both plan on going out and buying it.  Best of all, I made two new friends.  Friends that understand about healthy foods and love to exchange information and recipes.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I won this book on a blog, and am writing about it because I am using it and loving it.