Mississippi Family Fishing Vacations

My family loves to go fishing.  I love to sit and watch my kids enjoying themselves.  My dad used to take me fishing when I was their age.  He spent most of his time untangling lines, and baiting hooks.  Now that I am doing that for my kids, I understand why his line hardly ever made it into the water.

I don’t hear much about parents planning family fishing vacations.  There are great places you can take your family.  You can save money and go camping, instead of staying at a hotel.

I do a lot of my vacations in NC.  I would love to go to Mississippi, and explore their coast.  I was looking for family fishing vacation packages on the Visit MS Coast website, and found the Davis Bayou Campground.  It’s only $16 a night to tent camp.  Over on Horn Island, you can actually camp on the beach.  I remember doing that as a little girl, and would love to do that with my kids.

You can spend your day fishing and swimming, then cook your fish right there on the beach.  You have to be very careful about cooking on the beach, though.  There are specific guidelines about where on the beach you can  have a fire, and you can only use driftwood you find on the beach.

Next time you are planning a family vacation, why not turn it into a fishing vacation?  Visit the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast with your family.  Have you been there already?  Let me know where, and what you did.  Are you planning a trip back there?  I’d love to plan a trip to Horn Island.  My kids would be in heaven.  We all deserve a great family vacation, without it costing a lot of money.

Disclosure:  This is a paid sponsored post.  The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are all mine.