Menopause and Sex


When I had my hysterectomy last year, my doctor warned me of the changes that I would have to go through.  She warned me of the hot flashes.  She warned me that I could be dry down there.  You know where.  The one place you don’t want to be dry when you are getting happy with your significant other.

She warned me of those two things, and said that there were all natural supplements that I could take to help.  I can’t take any hormone replacement pills because of my cholesterol and heart murmur.  She said to make an appointment if I was having problems.

She didn’t mention that my desire or lack of desire for intimacy would be affected.  I’ll go to extremes, be in the mood every night to going a week without even wanting to be touched. I know this isn’t the usual subject for my blog, but it’s something I’m going through.  If I can’t write about it here, then where?

I can’t talk about this with my mom.  I’ve talked to her about menopause, but there is no way I’m talking to her about sex.  That’s not going to happen.  So I am putting it out here.  I need advice.  What can I do to level out my hormones?  My husband doesn’t mind when I am in nympho mode, but when I am dry as a desert and don’t want to be touched?  He’s not too happy about that, but he understands.

I can live with the hot flashes.  They really aren’t that bad.  At least, in the winter they weren’t.  Now that it’s summer, they make me very irritable.  Any advice?  I could sure use it.