My #Statecation NC Camping Trip

Deb, with Just Short of Crazy, issued a travel challenge for us on MomDot.  Here’s how the challenge goes:

$100 w/in 100 miles of your home, can be a day trip or overnight trip, but has to stay within $100

I’m all about traveling on a budget.  I love to do day trips, and overnight trips, that cost under $100.  The less it costs, the better I like it.  When planning a trip with my family, I have to take into account everyone’s likes, dislikes, abilities, and disabilities.  There is one trip that my family always loves, and that is a camping trip.

A family camping trip can cost a small amount of money, or a lot of money.  It depends on how far you go, what campgrounds you are staying at, and what meals you plan to cook.  For a really successful camping trip, it helps if you do your research ahead of time.  I find out how much it costs each night to stay, whether or not they provide firewood onsite, or you can bring your own.  I’ve noticed lately that a lot of campgrounds will not let you bring your firewood, and provide it for you at a cost.  I am lucky enough to have favorite camping park that provides firewood at no cost to the campers.

For my #Statecation, $100 within 100 miles of my home trip, I took the family on an overnight camping trip to San-Lee Park.  I paid $10 a night, for 2 nights.  I only stayed one night, but I paid for 2 nights.  This allowed us stay the whole day on the second day, and we left that evening.  San-Lee Park is close to me, so I was well within the 100 miles required for this challenge.

I planned out the meals for the trip.  I took stock of what I had in the pantry, and the freezer.  I made up a meal plan that allowed for me to buy a small amount of groceries at the store, and make use of what I had at home.  My husband also had to purchase a few things for the trip.  The total cost of what we both needed to buy, $65.  I spent $3 at the park for a paddle boat ride with the kids.  This brought the total cost of my trip to $88.  I also brought back home some of the food and drinks that I bought for the trip.

I’m already planning out my next trip for the family.  I went on a day trip to Jordan Lake this past weekend.  Now I’m planning a camping trip there.

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